Getting closer to the human eye or beyond the human eye!
Our technology contributions are well accepted in the various fields.

Our persistency of “visualize” technology has expanded to various fields such as, view as 3 dimensional, look beyond the normal human reach, visually judge or measure, or analysis of instant motion, etc.
If you face up any specific visualization requirements, please consult with FLOVEL first.

Company information

Company Name FLOVEL CO.,LTD
President and CEO Yasuhiro Kiyohara
Headquarters address 3-1-7,Ebisu,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0013,Japan
Founded Feb,27,1975
Common stock 10 million yen
Main Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking
Affiliated FOR-A Co.,Ltd

Corporate history

1975 February, established in Tokyo (Suginami) as FLOVEL engineering company for development, manufacturing and sales company of video measurement equipment. Developed ultra compact silicon vidicon camera.
1977 developed image process measurement device
1980 Developed microscopic color video camera, various video measurement
Or image process equipment.
1982 developed field event goal judgment system adopting IC memory device
1984 developed character recognition device
1985 Moved to Nakano district, increased capital and changed the name as the current name (FLOVEL Co., Ltd.)
1987 Developed ultra high sensitive camera
1994 Moved to Tachikawa-city and HQ, as sales group and R&D group
1997 Endoscope 3D camera system
2001 3D multi-purpose fine image measurement system
2004 Delivered world first megapixels 3 EM-CCD ultra high sensitive camera to NHK
2007 Full quality HDTV 3D camera system
2009 Golf round simulation system
Developed 4K camera system for under water submarine
2010 140 mega pixels Piezo system digital camera
2011 Developed EM-CCD HDTV camera for International space station (ISS)
2012 New version of golf simulator and cycling system
2013 Radiation visualize camera “RadiCam”™, New version field events goal judgment device,
New show room at Bunkyo district, Tokyo
2014 3 HbCMOS ultra high sensitive camera
2015 Development of separate type 4K camera for microscope
2016 Development of interactive products
2017 UEC Satellite Center opened
Head office moved to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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