16mega pixels CCD digital monochrome camera


35mm square pixel interline CCD Camera link, 12BitX1TAP or 2TAP High resolution digital output

16mega pixels, 3.1fps, B/W F/M72 mount FULL SIZE CCD Peltier cooling Camera Link


Model ADK-1600BV 16mega CCD digital monochrome camera
Video camera monochrome camera
Scan system Progressive scan
Image sensor 1CCD
Sensor size 35mm film format
Pixel numbers 4960(H)x3324(V) 16.5mega pixels
Effective pixels 4872(H)x3248(V) 15.8mega pixels
Chip size 36.1mm(H)x24.0mm(V)
Unit cell size 7.4μm(H)×7.4μm(V)
Dot clock 30MHz
Horizontal frequency 5.57KHz 5388dot (Single) / 10.32KHz 2908dot (Dual)
Vertical frequency 1.67Hz 3330LINE (Single) / 3.10Hz 3330LINE (Dual)
Sync system Internal sync
Sensitivity 200Lx,F11 5600K
Video output Digital output, Camera link
Electronic shutter 1/30-1/10000S(dual) 1/30-1/5000S(single)
Lens Mount F/M72 mount
Power voltage DC12V±10%
Power consumption 2.0A
Dimensions 90(W)×85(H)×122(D)mm
weight 750g


  •  Effective pixels,15.8mega pixels(4872Hx3248V)CCD
  • CCD pixels are square and convenient for image process
  • Frame rates are either 1.67fps (single) or 3.10fps (dual), and higher frame rates can be realized by serial command for limited lines selection
  • External trigger for image capture at any timing
  • Monochrome 12bit and VALID, CLK or HD, VD, CLK with camera link output
  • Serial command for various setting