1.4mega pixels CCD color camera


2/3 square type interline CCD Digital output with 12 bit or 14 bit

1.4 mega pixel 30fps Color C Mount 2/3 CCD Mini Camera Link


Model AR-140C
Image sensor 2/3 CCD
Read out method Progressive scan
Camera system Bayer array color camera
Effective pixels 1392(H)×1040(V)
Sensor size 6.45(H)×6.45(V)μm
Frame rate 30fps
Video output Mini camera link, digital output,12 bit or 14 bit
Lens Mount C Mount
Dimensions 45(W)×45(H)×66.2(D)mm
Weight 150g


  • Effective pixels; 1.4 mega pixels, (1392H × 1040V) CCD
  • External sync (HD, VD) for connecting equipment with multiple cameras
  • External trigger for image capture at any timing
  • Frame rate can be changed from 30fps to 173fps ( refer to the manuals)
  • Max 52db or better (refer to the manuals)
  • Mini camera link output as 12 bit or 14 bit, Bayer array color
  • Various setting with serial command control
  • PoCL type Grabber board for connection with mini camera link cable


  • FPD inspections
  • Fluorescent light shooting