FGC-01 RadiCam

Radiation Visualize camera“RadiCam “

FGC-01 RadiCam

Visualize un-visible radiation strength by color gradations Detect the right spot of wide range of radioactive materials for effective decontamination of radioactive pollution site High sensitive BGO type scintillator employed, compact, lighter weight than conventional type, short time display and lower cost


Model FGC-01 “RadiCam “
Radiation detector BGO type high sensitive scintillators 64 sensors
Shooting area 41.5 degree angle, within 10m distance
Camera mounting dedicated optional cart
Software Dedicated software ( camera control, data display, image mapping, data storage)
Weight appx. 18kg ( camera head & battery)
Dimensions 120(W) x 240(H) x 380(D)mm, Camera head
Power AC100V ( power unit & charger), Battery 12V (IDX) 6 hours
Standard accessories Battery, AC adaptor/charger, PC, cables


Easy visual analysis
64 channels radiation detector sensor signal shall be mapped on the built-in camera live images by color gradations for easy verification of radioactive generation spot
Shorter time measurement
High sensitive scintillator reduces display time half
Lighter design
Newly developed collimator design realized much reduced weight
Various measurement mode
Four measurement modes are switchable.
Standard mode; suitable for less pollution area up to several μsv/h
Detail mode; more accurate longer time measurement mode for standard
High mode; suitable for higher polluted area like more than 20 μsv/h
User mode; user setting mode depending on the strength at the site