Ultra High Sensitive Camera


Wide wave length from near violet to near infrared full color motion (29.97fps) at 0.003Lx 2/3” square sensor with rolling shutter method Ultra high sensitive 3 HbCMOS sensors

1.3 mega pixels Color B4 Mount 2/3 HbCMOS HD-SDI


Model FZ-B3 Ultra high sensitive HD color camera
Image sensor 2/3” HbCMOS (3 CMOS) image sensors
Lens Mount Bayonet Mount (B4)
Video output format 1080i(59.94Hz or 50.00Hz)/ 720p(59.94Hz or 50.00Hz)
Image output HD-SDI
S/N ratio 55db or better
Minimum illuminations 0.003Lx (Color motion image, Max. sensitivity, F1.4
Dimensions 100(W) x 110(H) x 197(D)mm, (Except connector portion)
Power consumption Appx. 20W
Power voltage DC11~17V
Weight Appx.1.4kg


Low Noise
Clear sharp images, supreme color fidelity and enhanced sensitivity with lower noise characteristic
Compact & low power consumption
Power efficient non-cooling type and compact design for easy system integration
1080i (59.94Hz or 50Hz) / 720P (59.94Hz or 50Hz),HD-SDI
Remote control
RS-232C / RS-422 serial control or dedicated RM-5 remote controller (option) for remote control
Rotation filter built-in
IR cut, IR pass, ND16 & ND64
GenLock (BB/Tri- sync)


  • High end security (Secret police, VIP service, Risk control etc)
  • Military services ( Marine, defense, army, navy etc.)
  • Coast guard ,marine research labs or underwater services
  • Scientific, Nature, or discovery observations
  • Cosmic or astronomical researches
  • Maritime security for anti-piracy
  • Oil rig, pipeline, or power plant surveillance
  • Border control or custom house surveillance
  • Medical or biological observation by florescent microscopes
  • Night events or religious ceremony under insufficient light
  • Day & night operations for demanding restricted facilities