Auto alignment equipment telefitter


sochikumikomi Industrial/Measurement

Using 1~2 cameras for instant automatic recognition of specific marks Auto alignment for pre-assigned setting points by axis control 3 axis stage control (XYθ/UVW/XYY) by pulse command with shift calculations Easy operation and teaching function for automatic setting of camera & stage positions


Model PS/α2A
Video input Number of input 1~2inputs EIA-170, progressive
Input signal 1.0Vp-p
Video output Number of output 1 output, SVGA=800(H) x600(V)~1280(H)x960(V)
Video display 2 patterns simultaneous display in one screen
Output signal 1.0Vp-p RGB (color)
Image process Process resolution 640(H) x 480(V)
Process function binary process by contrast
Motor control Control axis 3 axis
Maximum drive frequency 4Mpps
Command signal output CW/CCW, or Pulse signal/pulse signal direction
Limit signal CW/CCW end limit, stage origin point
Parallel I/O PLC connection, open collector
Serial port RS232C connection to host computer, control command (standard)
Operation panel Option, KEY switch
Axis stage configuration 3 axis(independent), 3axis flat surface : UVW, XYY
Dimensions 160(W) x144(D) x 61(H)mm, appx. 950g
Power DC24V/1.2A, except camera power
Accessory Metal fittings for installation


High speed, high precision, high quality
High speed DSP ensures faster alignment and enhances the quality and functions
Excellent cost performance
Stand alone type and built-in all necessary calculation formulas Simple & easy operation
alignment system with just connection of the camera, lighting and stage package
Triple axes simultaneous control and instant alignment
Telefitter will recognize the alignment mark and calculate the drift of the position,
then control the each portion of the stage by 3 axis shift and align the position instantly
Alignment marks
Any kind of alignment marks usable. No need to assign particular marks.
Assign any shape or any position as alignment marks.
Stage axis configuration
Stage alignment flexibility
Stage alignment as independent (XYθ) or flat surface (CW/CCW, UVW,XYY)
Simple and easy operations
Auto alignment with teaching function; basic condition setting as stage speed, hard limit only