Tracking Auto Focus Depth measurement unit


Tracking auto focus system for depth measurement with microscope/AF image processor package Built-in detection target mark with lighting 2 projected circle patterns on actual image objects for detection of focal points to calculate the center of the gravity Tracking AF by controlling the stage motor of microscope to hold the focal points


Model TRK1
Focus method projected pattern for the center gravity calculation + image contrast method
Selection of camera AF sensor camera, 1/3” VGA B/W camera Measurement camera (customer’s choice, C mount)
Tracking range + - 100μm(object lens 10x)
Measurement repeatability + - 1μm(object lens 10x)
Z axis minimum display 0.01μm
Microscope cylinder upright tri-ocular cylinder microscope with projected patterns (use one for AF), C mount
Object lens selection among, 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x
Image process VP-5
OS Windows7 professional 32bit
CPU Intel core i7 processor
Memory 4GB
HDD 3.5” SATA, 500GB
Extension slot PCI Express(16x) x1, PCI Express(4x) x1, PCI(32bit) x2
Interface USB2.0 x6, RS232C(D-sub 9pin male) x2, LAN x2(10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T)


  • Undulation measurement of glass or films
  • Depth measurement of electronic parts or precision work parts
  • LCD or OLED inspection
  • Semiconductor wafer or PCB inspection
  • Glass masks inspection


  • Projected pattern tracking AF (micron level)
  • Depth(height) and profile display
  • Retry function with image contrast AF in case over run of tracking range
  • Simple 3D measurement with XY auto stage and CSV output information of XY axis & height



Simple 3D shape measurement result, ex; glass surface curve

System configurations