VP-140 Series

3D multi layer auto focus function systems with time lapse recording

VP-140 Series

3D time lapse analysis system with auto focus functions for live cell culture observation Optional fluorescent unit will enable for phase contrast or fluorescent observation switching with one unit. Multi layers auto focus functions together with electronic XY stages for time lapse shots Effective for 96 holes regent well plates applications

1.4 mega pixels 30fps Cmount 2/3” CCD Mini Camera Link


Model VP-140SET
AF(auto focus) equipment Camera 1.4 mega pixels ,2/3” color CCD
Image sensor 1,392(H) x 1,040(V), 30fps
AF method AF with camera image processor
AF control control with microscope motor coupler
Shutter control On/off switching control for microscope lighting
Recording BMP, JPEG, TIFF, AVI(motion)
PC specifications Windows 7, 32 bit/CPU, core i7/memory, 4GB/HDD; 1 TB
Applications Image filing, time lapse, AF, time lapse play, Motion recording, manual measurement
Microscope Microscope routine inverted microscope for culture, TS-100F
Object lens 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Lighting phase contrast, bright light, shutter control, fluorescent(option)
XY stage XY electronic stage driven by stepping motor
XY stage moving range whole range of 96 holes well plate
Incubation chamber Temperature control Basic 37℃,chamber, auto control
CO2 mixture CO2 5%, manual control
Chamber container 35mm dish, max 2 sets, 50mm dish 1 set, Well plate ,etc


  • High sensitive, high resolution 1.4 mega pixels color CCD camera package
  • Continuous auto focus functions for long time shooting
  • 3D auto focus functions for focusing freely on pre recorded multi images
  • 37 degree temperature control chamber with humidity and CO2 5% generator
  • Standard x4, x10, x20 and x40 object lens
  • Automatic LED light control function for avoiding damages to cell
  • Chamber for accommodating 96 micro plates and 35mm dish
  • Multi layer time lapse shots with electronic XY stage control
  • Optional software for remote culture status confirmation with smart phones
  • Optional fluorescent unit for switching phase contrast or fluorescent observation