Fine line width measurement systems


Z axis stage motor output driver, auto focus functions, measurement software, Windows OS are installed All-In-One system. Easy operation and low cost fine width measurement systems with AF image processor unit and 5 mega pixels high resolution B/W camera.


Model VP-5LW, fine line width measurement system
Digital image measurement device Measurement for line width & circle diameter
Measurement repeatability 3σ=0.01μm( object 100x, repeat AF measure with base scale)
Minimum display 0.001μm
Line width edge detection selection of negative, positive, inside-inside, outside-outside, inside-outside, bottom-bottom etc.
Calibration register up to 20 kinds for various lens magnifications
Data output storage for CSV data of measured results, measured images (BMP/JPEG)
OS、CPU Windows 7 professional 32 bit/Intel core i7 processor
Auto focus function Image process method of digital camera image signal
AF detection position AF setting possible at any height or positions in the image area
AF detection position AF setting possible at any height or positions in the image area
Z axis control Special 5 phases stepping motor
Z axis resolution Z axis resolution 0.005μm( depends on package stages)


1.High precision measurement with 5 mega pixels high definition camera
Fine line width measurement of semiconductor wafer, LCD color resist ,etc. with 3σ=0.01μm repeating accuracy
2.Easy installation for system up
Install at your existing microscope for easy system up as line width measurement
3.Various edge detection capable accordance with the kinds of lines003
4.Tilted line detection capable as vertical measurement
5.Simple operation, standard high precision AF functions
Accurate focal point setting is required for precision measurement which will prevent the measurement error depending on focus point error



1.LCD color filter, resist line width measurement
2.Semiconductor wafer line width measurement up to 1μ
3.Line width measurement for TAB, COF, lead frame
4.Glass masks line width measurement
5.Electronic parts measurement


Accuracy and system configurations example

*repeat accuracy; w/auto focus, without sample change, under same lighting condition and 10 times measurement at 3σvalue. ( sample condition may change the value)
*the above value derived from 5 mega pixels B/W CCD camera AH-500 package